December 7th Parent Bulletin

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November 30th Parent Bulletin

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November 22nd Parent Bulletin

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November 16th Parent Bulletin

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Courage Kits

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November 8th Parent Bulletin

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Composting at Ka`elepulu

posted Nov 3, 2017, 6:43 PM by Jamie Dela Cruz

We are featured in the November 2017 Kokua Hawaii Foundation Newsletter

Composting at Kaʻelepulu

Kaʻelepulu Elementary School, Kailua

Kaʻelepulu Elementary School has been successful in establishing a hot composting and vermicomposting program to divert all food waste, school-wide, from breakfast and lunch to hot composting piles. They have also been able to reduce non-compostable waste and minimize excess plastic bag use by stacking trays and bowls, and compacting milk cartons. 5th graders learned how to to manage resources, use simple math application, data entry and maintenance, read scales and thermometers as part of this project. Utilizing the newly created soil, physics, physical science, math, and environmental lessons are being reinforced with hands-on garden lessons.

November 2nd Bulletin

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Safety and Wellness Survey Report

posted Oct 24, 2017, 3:21 PM by Kaelepulu Elementary

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