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PTSA Meeting March 15, 2016: Next Year's Board Positions

posted Mar 9, 2016, 10:56 AM by Jamie Dela Cruz   [ updated Mar 9, 2016, 10:58 AM ]
A Tsunami of Hands, students help Mr. Elliott fill in our monogram.

Our next board meeting is on Tuesday, March 15th, 5pm in the library.  

This meeting is important because we will be discussing board positions for next year.  The positions and descriptions are:

President: Oversees all PTSA meetings and functions.  Makes executive decisions on finances, fundraising efforts and communicates with the Principal and staff on PTSA events.

Vice-President: Assists the President, and fills in if President is not available.

Treasurer: Keeps accurate logs of outgoing and incoming finances.  Pays bills, keeps up with donation letters and receipts and taxes.

Secretary:  Keeps minutes of meetings and distributes accordingly.

In addition to all these positions, Suggested Chairs for next year:

Fun Fair Chair (2): Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the annual Fun Fair.  Needs to be able to devote time over the summer to prepare and plan.

PTSA Membership Chair (1): Works throughout the year to get parents to sign up for the National PTSA, and keep up with paperwork and necessary payments.

Kau Kau Chair (1): Coordinates the Kau Kau event each month.

Communications Chair (1): Blasts out emails to the entire school body on upcoming PTSA events.

Media Chair (1): works with the local media outlets to advertise PTSA events.