May 9th - National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

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Zero Waste Hui

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Ka'elepulu Elementary is a proud supporter of the Zero Waste movement. Students are learning how to turn uneaten food into resourceful compost. Learn more about this movement with the link below:

Fire up Your Feet to End Program Assistance

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Fire Up Your Feet Farewell and Thank You

The Fire Up Your Feet team has been continually inspired by all of the students, families, school staff, and larger school communities that have participated in the program throughout the years and shown their dedication and enthusiasm for physical activity and healthy, active lifestyles. Take a look at the success stories from schools in each region this spring for just a few examples of creative ways that schools have created demand for physical activity!

The Fire Up Your Feet initiative was part of Kaiser Permanente’s overall Thriving Schools efforts to create a culture of health and wellness for students, staff, and teachers in schools. While the program has been a tremendous success across the Kaiser Permanente regions, it will be suspended at the end of August. 

Fire up you Feet!

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Congratulations Students, Faculty, Staff, and families!
Your health and wellness awareness and practice has brought us this award. Mahalo for seeking the healthy ways to wellness. Aloha to Mrs. Robin Agcaoili and PE Teacher Teramura for 'tracking' us to this acknowledgement of progress. This award will be used to further Health and Wellness in our school communities.

Final Challenge Awards are calculated by the following formula: Total number of students, parents/guardians and school staff that tracked during the Challenge period, divided by school enrollment. Schools are not able to win 1st place two challenges in a row. If a school wins a first-place award the previous Challenge, they are eligible to win all other awards including 2nd and 3rd place. 

May Nutrition and Physical Activity Messages (2016)

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